New Tattoo Pens

Sponsored by CNC

Signing the contract

Our new sponsor CNC Tattoo Supplies Signed up an new contract with us at HardXcore, We are so happy to be working for such a wonderful company,

They responded with good intentions and added "We’re always happy to be introduced to new and upcoming tattoo artists. We have a sponsor project at present, budget 50,000USD per year. We would invite excellent tattoo artists to give advice on our Tattoo Machine, Needles, or other accessories and help promote CNC products to a higher level and be known by more tattoo artists."

Tattoo Machines

Tattoo machine by CNC The highest industry standard and provides the best pre-sales & after-sales services.CNC has the world’s highest standard of coil and rotary tattoo machine, wired or wireless tattoo pens, and tattoo guns. We are proud of the quality so for all CNC tattoo machines and other tattoo accessories we offer a 12-months quality warranty.

Spiders for the Web

A woman came in with a pet spider as a pet. She wanted to memorialize the spider in ink I knew exactly what she was looking for and set to work creating a design

Sara's First Tattoo

Sara had always been intrigued by tattoos. She loved the way they looked on other people and the way they could be so personal. She had never gotten one herself, though, because she was always a bit scared of the pain.

The Importance of Good Customer Service

For many people, getting a tattoo is a very personal decision. It is a way to memorialize a loved one, to express their love for something, or to simply look good. No matter what the reasons are, people want to be sure that they are getting an impressive tattoo that they will be happy with always.