Why I became a tattoo artist

Story of an artist

mother was a tattoo artist

from a very young age, i've always been interested in tattooing. my mother was a tattoo artist and she would often bring her work home with her. i would watch her set up her station and i was fascinated by the entire process. as i grew older, my interest in tattooing only increased.

i began to practise tattooing on myself and on my friends, using a needle and ink-pen. i quickly developed a steady hand and a good eye for detail. when i was old enough, i decided to pursue tattooing as a career


i trained with some of the best tattoo artists in the world and soon developed my own unique style.

today, i tattoo out of a studio in NYC. i love what i do and i'm grateful to be able to share my talent with others.

Design By Poul Albert

My customer came to me wanting a new tattoo design that was inspired by her love of life and fun. I knew exactly what she was looking for and set to work creating a design that would be a reminder to live life to the fullest and enjoy every moment.

New Tattoo Pens

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What precursions are the artists at HardXcore taking for the covid-19 pandemic?