Sara's First Tattoo

A story for the first timers

A bit scared

Sara had always been intrigued by tattoos. She loved the way they looked on other people and the way they could be so personal. She had never gotten one herself, though, because she was always a bit scared of the pain.

That all changed one day when she met a patient who was getting a tattoo for the first time. Seeing the excitement in the woman's eyes, Sara suddenly knew that she wanted to experience that same feeling.

a thrill of excitement

She asked the woman for the name of her tattoo artist and soon found herself in the tattoo parlor, nervously waiting for her turn. When it was finally her turn, she felt a thrill of excitement as she watched the artist begin work on her first tattoo.

It wasn't easy, but Sara loved every minute of it. She learned that the pain wasn't nearly as bad as she had thought it would be and that the process was truly fascinating. She was glad she had finally taken the plunge and gotten a tattoo of her own.


What precursions are the artists at HardXcore taking for the covid-19 pandemic?

New Tattoo Pens

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Spiders for the Web

A woman came in with a pet spider as a pet. She wanted to memorialize the spider in ink I knew exactly what she was looking for and set to work creating a design